Traci Tront


Traci Tront has been an Associate with Slingshot Group for the past 5 years and she loves to partner with churches in their staffing and developing of great teams.  Traci Tront served in the local church ministry for about 25 years.  Her ministry journey began in Children’s Ministries where she developed a thriving ministry that grew from 50 to 1200 children.  She led a team of 17 paid staff, hundreds of volunteers, and developed many college interns who are now ministry leaders in churches around the world.  Traci’s role expanded to Executive Director of Ministries providing oversight to Children, Student, and Adult Ministries.  Then she served as the Executive Pastor of Operations overseeing day to day operations, finance, facilities, human resources, and data systems.  In the past couple of years her ministry as expanded to being Adjunct Professor at Biola University where she has the pleasure of educating and mentoring future ministry leaders in the classroom setting.| Traci is passionate about strategizing with churches, developing thriving ministries, and encouraging and supporting ministry leaders. Traci currently lives with her family in Yorba Linda, CA and is a church consultant, adjunct professor and motivational speaker.