Develop your staff to their highest potential. From basic skill-building to complex challenges, our coaches will help your team get to the next level.

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The 1:1 Coaching Experience

Our nationwide team of experts are here to coach and develop your staff to their highest potential. From basic skill-building to more complex developmental journeys, we have a team of resident-experts who are trained, passionate, and proven leadership developers.

 If members of your team have encountered a problem they’re not sure how to solve, have plateaued in their knowledge or growth in their current position, or are pioneering something new, our Next Level Coaches can provide valuable insight. Their guidance and knowledge can be the missing link in taking your team to the next level in the leadership and growth of your organization.

Individual Coaching

We coach individual ministry leaders on your team to bring their personal skills or leadership to the next level. Whether it’s your children’s pastor or senior leader, you’ll get an expert in the field to customize a coaching program to help that leader get to where they need to be.

Team Coaching

We coach entire teams in their skills and leadership to help bring your ministry to the next level, teach your team members how to lead up, and help your entire staff work better together.

Why Next Level?


Our coaching program is customizable to fit the specific needs of your organization, from teaching ministry leaders new skills related to their specific role, to training them in more complex leadership development, and more.


Our coaching is done by experienced ministry practitioners who have been trained as coaches, have higher-level experience in the same role, and are able to teach best practices from what they’ve learned during their time in ministry.


We use the proven IMPROVleadership model and approach every coaching engagement through the lens of the five competencies that make up IMPROVleadership: story mining, precision praising, metaphor cementing, lobbing forward, and going north.


Our Next Level Coaching services typically include two online coaching sessions a month that last between 60-90 minutes. We usually meet with whoever is supervising the team or individual who needs coaching, come up with a plan together, and work toward accomplishing those goals during the coaching sessions. Oftentimes, we’ll also visit the organization’s campus for a 2-3-day site visit to observe your team and provide recommendations on the type of coaching needed.

Meet the Coaches


Slingshot coaches are trained to coach through any ministry challenge. Let our experienced practitioners help your team move to the next level.

We work exclusively with churches and Christian nonprofits.