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Worship Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity

Kingsway is a church on the move. Their commitment to building a welcoming community of passionate people about becoming more like Jesus permeates everything they do as a church. This multigenerational church is creating ways to reach people where they’re at, seeing many new people arriving each week.

They are looking for their next leader to build on a strong foundation and lead into a new season of ministry for the church. They are looking for a committed, invested, spiritual and musical leader to build and shepherd a strong team of disciples who lead worship.

The right leader will lead with a great sense of spiritual awareness and a shepherd’s heart to lead the team and congregation into genuine and participative worship.

Church or Org Description

Talking with any staff member at KCC and the word cultural will surface. The environment is very relational and collaborative, and cultural fit is very important. There is a heavy emphasis placed on teaching the Word of God in services and studies throughout the church. You will find people who are thirsty for God, who seek to know Him through careful study of His Word.

Staff Cultural Behaviors are a strong point of emphasis within this dynamic team. They have identified eight core behaviors essential for their staff: Passionately Pursue Jesus, All In, Bring Your Best, Boldly Trust God, Grow Always, Build People Who Build People, Love Each Other, and Heads Up Eyes Open.

In worship, Kingsway embraces substance over flash. They embrace a tasteful use of AVL technology, but those elements complement the purpose of their service and help enhance the overall worship experience for the congregation. There is an openness to added creativity in worship that will help to serve the greater purpose of connecting the congregation to God.

Position Description

The Worship Pastor is responsible for the success of all Worship and Production experiences at Kingsway by providing strategic leadership to those teams to help accomplish the mission of Kingsway Christian Church. Strategically lead the Worship Planning Team and inspire the congregation to grow to become more like Jesus.

Determine and implement overall worship strategies for Kingsway through the annual goal-setting process. Provides supervision, direction, accountability and oversight for the Worship Team Staff (Regular coaching meetings, development process & goal-setting). Always looking for ways to build leaders who build other leaders.

Recruit, train, lead and motivate Worship & Production Team of volunteers. Establish and improve processes, tools, and systems within the worship ministry. Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the Worship Experience and alignment with Kingsway’s overall mission, vision, and strategic direction, making changes and realigning as needed.

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