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Lead Teaching Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity

Mission Community Church is a unique opportunity to join a unified staff and vibrant congregation embracing a new faith-filled future.

The board, staff, and congregation at Mission Community Church are embarking on a new structure that allows new methods and ministries to be embraced for the sake of Jesus.

Church or Org Description

When you first step foot on the Mission Community Church campus or engage with our digital environments, you will be hit with the tagline “FOR EVERYONE.”

The idea that “Jesus changes everything for everyone” is one that bleeds into everything we do so that both churched and unchurched people feel like they can belong here.

You won’t see robes and flags, overt Christian symbolism, or banners with scripture references anywhere on our campus. We’ve opted to go with movie theater seats instead of pews and cornhole boards instead of AWANA circles in our courtyard.

We want our environments to match the secular spaces that new guests and regular attendees are familiar with because we know that they feel SAFE when people are familiar with something.

A common story we hear from people is that they never thought they would be “accepted or allowed” at church, which breaks our hearts. Because of this, we make sure our campus culture is laid back, welcoming, and has something for everyone. We have found that this kind of culture is the breeding ground for strong relationships, new connections, and courageous steps of faith.

Position Description

Position: Lead Teaching Pastor of Mission Community Church

Mission Community Church is seeking a high-level leader seeking to join a talented, creative, innovative executive team.

Reports to: Board of Servant Leaders

The Lead Pastor Team for Mission Community Church is founded on well-defined, non-negotiable values. These are documented to communicate what’s fundamentally important to us. Collectively they build trust, reinforce our decision-making, facilitate problem-solving, expedite conflict resolution, energize vision achievement, and generate a strong sense of unity.

The Lead Pastor Team will lead the day-to-day operations for Mission Community Church. The Board of Servant Leaders will never instruct or evaluate the performance of those who report directly or indirectly to the Lead Pastor Team.

As the board’s official link to the staff and internal operations, the Lead Pastors’ performances will be considered synonymous with organizational performance.

The Lead Pastor Team consists of the Lead Teaching Pastor and Lead Executive Pastor.

Lead Teaching Pastor – Job Products
– Vision Alignment & Achievement
– Support Lead Executive Pastor with Staff Development
– Personal Health and Accountability
– Primary Voice of the church body
– Lead and Develop Teaching Team – How we teach vs. who teaches
– Lead Content Development Team

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