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Campus Pastor: 288 Campus



Why We Love This Opportunity

New Hope Church is brimming with potential. Located in Houston’s south suburbs in the middle of enormous growth, New Hope is poised to continue its mission to help thousands learn what it means to Know Christ and Make Him Known. It is a non-denominational Christian church that wants to do whatever it takes to reach the community while prioritizing sound doctrine. They are friendly, energetic, focused, and grace-filled.

The Campus Pastor position is a chance for someone with a shepherd’s heart to mobilize thousands without spending time preparing a sermon. Because this is not a primary teaching role (2-4/year), the Campus Pastor is left with time to be relational with the congregation. This role is perfect for a leader who has an ego-less get-it-done mentality, loves to develop leaders, owns the quality of all ministry at a campus, and works well in concert with a broader team and senior leader.

Church Description

In 1989, Pastor Tim Liston and his family moved to Texas to launch New Hope Church. By the end of the 10th year, the church had grown to 1,000 in attendance. Today, New Hope Church is a thriving church of over 9,000 in attendance (pre-COVID) across four physical and one online campuses. Incredibly, in 2020, they finished a campaign to become entirely debt-free, freeing up enormous resources to further the gospel in their community.

The “288 Campus” is New Hope’s central and largest campus. It is the staff offices’ location, diverse, and the broadcast location for the online campus. While it has been without a Campus Pastor for the past year, the team is excited for a new leader. 288 is fast-moving (hosting six services each weekend pre-COVID) with a very high ceiling.

Position Description

The 288 Campus Pastor is a unique position in that it is both the largest campus of New Hope Church and the campus where Pastor Tim teaches live. That means that the Campus Pastor has an excellent opportunity to shepherd and fill the gap between the senior pastor and the rest of the team. While this person will not be a regular teacher for New Hope (there may be 2-4 opportunities each year), they will have consistent stage time with announcements and closing the service. This is an excellent chance to build relationships and further the ministries of the church.

The successful Campus Pastor at New Hope loves the opportunity to lead ministry on a large scale: being the first connection point with newcomers, leading micro-missions to the local community, helping attendees engage with students, kids, and pastoral care, and growing up volunteers and leaders. They need to be ego-less, humble, not in need of the teaching platform, a shepherd, and eager to get-it-done.

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