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Boynton Beach Campus Pastor

Boynton Beach/Del Ray,


Why We Love This Opportunity

Journey Church is one of the most exciting church environments in the United States. Reaching one of the most unreached communities and staffed by a team who is absolutely addicted to life change, God has blessed this church with a vibrancy rarely found. Every walk of life strolls through their doors each weekend and Journey is impacting the surrounding community in a significant way for Jesus! The right candidate will absolutely love this opportunity.

Church or Org Description

Journey Church started with humble beginnings. Eighteen years ago, Journey launched with 16 people meeting in a home with a passion for helping others connect with God and see lives transformed.

Journey has a passion and vision for the city of West Palm Beach and the communities surrounding it. They have a committed core of staff, volunteers, and leaders who truly get that Journey is about transforming lives. The teaching is biblical, relational, and relevant. There is an obvious desire to settle for nothing less than authentic, theologically sound, Christ-honoring worship while making a missional impact on the community.

Journey Church is vibrant, energetic, and passionate in everything they do. They are driven by an urgency and vision to reach the lost and this is evident in every experience and ministry. Creativity and innovation are abundant, and their out-of-the-box style of thinking is refreshing. Journey’s style is casual, and they want people to experience God’s grace and love in every encounter. Journey holds a good tension between production excellence and authentic worship.

Pre-COVID, the average overall attendance was around 3,500 adults with an additional 800+ kids and students. They are currently at about 80% capacity and still growing through the pandemic.

Position Description

The Campus Pastor is responsible for the overall growth and development of a Journey Church Campus and facilitating a strong connection between the campus and the Lead Pastor of Journey Church. This includes leading and pastoring the campus congregation, aligning to the heart of the vision of Journey Church. Internalizing and carrying this vision to the campus, building teams and developing leaders who carry out ministry strategies as set by Journey’s leadership team, connecting with and pastoring the community, and overseeing the development of healthy disciples and a high functioning campus that makes a positive difference in their community.

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