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Accounting Manager



Why We Love This Opportunity 

Frontiers’ singular focus is to bring the Gospel to Muslims. The organization’s top three strengths are:

  • A clear and sustained mission focus.
  • A grace orientation.
  • Expertise in preparing and caring for field workers.

As the world’s largest Christian ministry focused solely on reaching Muslims in their heartlands, Frontiers’ mission is to, with love and respect, invite all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus. Frontiers prioritize sending teams to those Muslim peoples and places with the least access to the Gospel. 

In the US, Frontiers partners with churches to recruit, train, send and serve long-term teams of workers who will plant churches and catalyze movements of faith in Christ in Muslim communities overseas.

The Accounting Manager will be vital to the ongoing success of the ministry. As a leader on the finance team, this person will steward and distribute the funds entrusted to us for God’s glory throughout the world.

Church or Org Description 

Frontiers USA is in a healthy position, both spiritually and financially. They have persevered throughout the pandemic and remained focused on their mission. The number of workers sent to the field has declined slightly in the last several years but is beginning to rebound. Frontiers donors continue to be generous, and the ministry has forged many partnerships with churches to send their global workers to the field.

The Finance department is vital to the carrying out of Frontiers’ mission. The department stewards the funds for field and home staff workers’ salaries and reimbursements; it ensures that incoming gifts are allocated to the proper workers’ ministry funds and the general fund; it works with department heads to prepare the annual budget, then works with them throughout the year to help stay on track. Without the proper flow of finances, work in the field is hampered.

Chief Financial Officer Steve Sadar and his team of professionals have a very positive working relationship and greatly enjoy their work, but acknowledge that their department is, at present, understaffed. Upgrades and advancements are overdue in certain areas, but the team lacks the capacity to evaluate and apply solutions.

Position Description 

Frontiers is a Christian, faith-based non-profit partnering with churches to send workers overseas. The Accounting Manager provides management and supervision of accounting processes and staff.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Review journal entries, including recurring entries, and supervise their entry and posting into the accounting system.
  • Review payroll processing and prepare and maintain accurate records and reports of payroll transactions.
  • Maintain accounting and reporting for 403b plan.
  • Coordinate subsidiary accounting.
  • Oversee the production of monthly financial reports.
  • Supervise the preparation of the monthly reconciliation of bank accounts, suspense, other asset accounts, credit cards, allocation schedules, and clearing accounts and ensure that the transactions are entered accurately in the general ledger.
  • Respond to emails from field workers and staff.
  • Supervise finance team.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of accounting processes and systems.
  • Oversee internal control documentation and implementation.